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An avid spinner and iced tea aficionado, Julie tackles association, nonprofit and small business communications challenges in this blog.  She's Senterline's Chief Problem Solver, able to overcome redundant databases and prickly politics with the greatest of ease.

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Not Feeling Social Media Love? A Quick Start Guide to Engagement

If you aren’t getting a response from your social media efforts, you need to ask yourself the important question: what are you doing to engage your followers? Simply setting up a page and waiting for people to follow you just doesn’t cut it. Like any other marketing tool, social media requires constant care and feeding.

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Why You Need Social Media Guidelines - Yesterday

Your employees are already talking about you online. They need your guidance on what they should (and shouldn't) say about the organization and on how you expect them to behave.

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What Message Does Your Association's New Member Packet Send?

One of the first things I did when I started my own company was to join half a dozen associations (local, state and national). You can tell a lot from the new member packets. It was easy to tell which associations valued my membership and which ones were just mailing it in.

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New PR Firm Opens in SoCal

Senterline Communications, a new full-service public relations consulting firm, has formed to provide social media strategy, online content and media relations services to small businesses, associations and nonprofits.

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